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Truth Muzic

Truth Muzic Featured Male Artist

March 2023


March 2023 - Featured Male Artist
  1. FLEE Big Homie Yurp 2:25
  2. HALLELU-YAH Ft. Jasmine Israel & Cassious Big Homie Yurp 3:00
  3. JAMES 1:22 (ft. CASSIOUS) 2:44

Location: Chicago, IL USA

Genre: Hebrew Hip-Hop

Big Homie Yurp is a Hebrew Israelite rapper making his mark on the new “Truth Music” genre. He currently has one mixtape released with the Hebrew Israelite group called Brewz N Da Hood. He is looking to spread the good news of the coming kingdom of Yah through “Truth Music”. Big Homie Yurp is already known as one of the hottest lyricists in the Hebrew Israelite community. With a plethora of singles and hits, starting with his first ever Truth Music recording of “James 1:22” ft Cassious Israel and the internationally known hit single “FLEE”, Big Homie Yurp made a statement in the Hebrew music scene with other hits include collaborations with Jasmine Israel called “Hallelu-Yah”, a track with Eli called “R.I.B.” and the smash hit single “Walk it Out” featuring Eli, Jasmine Israel, and Cassious Israel. 

“I was born on the South Side of Chicago and raised in Qwinnett County, Georgia. I’ve been writing 16’s since the 6th grade. never thought I would be writing songs that bring myself and others closer to God. All praise to the Most High.” 

Big Homie Yurp is also featured on Eli’s latest mixtape called “Feasting SZN” on the single “Love Thy Neighbor” and later started becoming more widely known throughout the state of Georgia, having his music played and reviewed on Chariot Views Music Reviews with Meir Israel and his wife, Amina Baht Israel.

He recently released a collaboration album February 2023 with Jasmine Israel called “Oh Israel” now available on all streaming platforms. His first solo album is due to release this summer or winter entitled “MEMBERS” so subscribe to his linktree for updates on new music, performances, releases and more. You can also check out his new music right here on Truth Muzic Radio, where the Z is for ZION!!!

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Truth Muzic

Truth Muzic Featured Female Artist

March 2023


Location: San Antonio, TX USA

Genre: Hebrew R&B, Spoken Word

Aaliyah Taavi is a poet, psalmist, Truth Muzic recording artist, and songwriter from San Antonio, TX. She started out reciting poetry over the phone during Spoken Word Wednesday on the Hebrew Israelite Radio Network when it was suggested that she start putting music behind her poetry and lyrics. She was connected with Hebrew producer Judah Blakc out of Kansas City, MO and released the track “Who is Like You” in Hebrew and English. It was a hit! She recorded other songs including “The Promise” feat. Sharman C. and “Barak Yahuah”, the song for which she also created her first video. 

Aaliyah Taavi is a wife, mother, sister to many and faithful servant of the Most High Yahuah! In Spring 2023, she will be releasing her debut album entitled “Healing Through the Psalms” produced by Judah Blakc and presented by SoFreshRecords. It is her hope that through her music, all who hear it may be uplifted, healed and blessed beyond measure.

March 2023 - Featured Female Artist
  1. Barak Yahuah Aaliyah Taavi 4:48
  2. Who is Like You (Exodus 15:11) Aaliyah Taavi 5:05
  3. Don't Let Me Fail Aaliyah Taavi 6:06

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