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Tired of listening to the same old music that doesn’t uplift your spirit? Well, let us present to you the truth…Truth MUZIC that is. Truth Muzic is a 24/7 licensed radio station, app, website and mixtape series brought to you by Jay Shields Promotions and Yasharahla Nation.

This station is filled with uplifting, positive vibes…We Do it for the Kingdom!!! This platform brings you set-apart music from the four corners of the earth in a variety of genres including hip-hop, R&B, Neo-soul, reggae and more.

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Praise Him Always


  1. Praise Him Always (Open Verse) Moshey Ben Yahudah 3:41
Praise Him Always Open Verse Remix - Moshey Ben Yahudah

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Nahshon Judah

January 2023

Featured Spotlight Male Artist

January Featured Male Artist

Nahshon Judah is known but unknown within the Israelite community. You know his voice when you hear it though, that strong growl with dope lyrics spitting uncut truth and repentance. Born with the name “Nahshon”, representative of the tribe of Judah (Numbers 2:3), before he knew he was a “representative of the tribe of Judah” he was a hardcore Christian and before that, an hardcore gangbanger, running the streets.

After leaving the streets and hoping for a better life, he turned to “rapping for Christ.” He called himself Bra Wright and rapped about the rapture, revival and repentance. As a Christian, he released the album “Hardcore Gospel (I Am Conscious)” in 2016. It would be that the Most High would use this project to open his eyes and jar him awake.

“I thought I knew everything there was to know, I mean, I thought I WAS conscious but apparently I didn’t know nothing”

Yapah Rawach

January 2023

Featured Spotlight Female Artist

A dope, different, daughter of Zion on the rise, Yapah Q is a singer/rapper out of Dallas, TX. Her sound and style are unique and set-apart. “Yapah” means beautiful and her melodies are definitely living up to her name. Her inside glow shines all over the world through her music ministry. This sister’s flavor has proven she is indeed a songstress as she has been influenced by artists such as Missy Elliot, Lauren Hill, J Cole but with a set-apart flow. Yapah Q is a storyteller, promoting repentance and telling of our nation’s struggles in life, while not forgetting her own story and journey that led her to where she is today.

She has written more than 40 songs since 2018 and her music is in regular rotation on several radio playlist and podcasts. The first single off her debut EP, “Took me Outah That,” produced by Nagaris Johnson charted on the Christian Billboard charts in November 2021. Both the song and the videography were an instant hit.

January Featured Female Artist - Yapah Q
  1. Suffer Nahshon Yahudah 3:51
  2. Know Dat Zebediah Boaz feat. Lorvins, Brewspitta, Makellow, Moshey Ben Yahudah, Judah Mathias 4:25
  3. Patience Zoog 2:34
  4. Who Do You Believe In Chief Elite 4:02
  5. Message To America Ash Rawchaa 3:36
  6. Vanity Yahki 4:23
  7. End Game Ro Da Chef 3:29
  8. Singing and Praising Wylai 3:57
  9. Glorious Jasmine Juna feat. Anita Rose 3:56
  10. Strikin Through The Hood Tru Judah 2:17
  11. The Truth Nation Lyfe 2:46
  12. Daily Bread Tuviyah feat. Miyka'el 4:53
  13. Rebel Upon Dem Ahk Peppa Brain 2:44
  14. Even Me Lyrical Lyte 2:55
  15. Stand JudahSon 4:38
  16. Retro Love Starr 4:01
  17. Dance to Jerusey Moshey Ben Yahudah / Yaran feat. Judah Blakc 4:38
  18. The Scriptures HEBREW ALLSTARS 6:06

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"He Shall Always Be" feat. Lorvins by Ahch Ish Milechamah

Ahch Ish Milechamah
— "He Shall Always Be" feat. Lorvins by Ahch Ish Milechamah

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