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Truth Muzic

Tired of listening to the same old music that doesn’t uplift your spirit? Well, let us present to you the truth…Truth MUZIC that is. Truth Muzic is a 24/7 licensed radio station, app, website and mixtape series brought to you by Jay Shields Promotions and Yasharahla Nation.

This station is filled with uplifting, positive vibes…We Do it for the Kingdom!!! This platform brings you set-apart music from the four corners of the earth in a variety of genres including hip-hop, R&B, Neo-soul, reggae and more.

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Born and raised in Miami FL, the CounselofYah progressed as a rap artist and a thriving producer. Between 1995 to this current day, he’s been exposed and involved in various rap groups, events and general hip hop support systems. In 2016, he planned to discontinue rap artistry altogether in order to fully concentrate on serving God and to help change lives for Christ. This resolve was soon transformed when opportunities were presented to rap for the glory of God and to further help draw lost souls to Christ.

Owning a record label, Release Day Records, the CounselofYah has a vigorous lineup of albums and projects underway to complete the mission of drawing souls to God and Christ. Being a teacher, father, entrepreneur, and social critic, the CounselofYah seeks to maximize his gifts through rap music and related genres for the betterment of society. Stay tuned for more information as Release Day Records disclose vibrant content for your listening pleasures.

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  1. Know Dat Zebediah Boaz feat. Lorvins, Brewspitta, Makellow, Moshey Ben Yahudah, Judah Mathias 4:25
  2. Suffer Nahshon Yahudah 3:51
  3. Patience Zoog 2:34
  4. Who Do You Believe In Chief Elite 4:02
  5. Message To America Ash Rawchaa 3:36
  6. Vanity Yahki 4:23
  7. End Game Ro Da Chef 3:29
  8. Singing and Praising Wylai 3:57
  9. Glorious Jasmine Juna feat. Anita Rose 3:56
  10. Strikin Through The Hood Tru Judah 2:17
  11. The Truth Nation Lyfe 2:46
  12. Daily Bread Tuviyah feat. Miyka'el 4:53
  13. Rebel Upon Dem Ahk Peppa Brain 2:44
  14. Even Me Lyrical Lyte 2:55
  15. Stand JudahSon 4:38
  16. Retro Love Starr 4:01
  17. Dance to Jerusey Moshey Ben Yahudah / Yaran feat. Judah Blakc 4:38
  18. The Scriptures HEBREW ALLSTARS 6:06

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"Praise Him Always" by Moshey Ben Yahudah

— "Praise Him Always" by Moshey Ben Yahudah

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