Truth Muzic Magazine is a print and digital quarterly publication brought to you by Truth Muzic Radio in conjunction with Jay Shields Promotions and Yasharahla Nation. Each page can be used for promoting a product, business, yourself, wishing a relative happy birthday, wedding anniversary, offering condolences, or whatever righteousness you want to put on that page or section.


All purchasers will receive Truth Muzic Promotion as outlined below:

  • Purchasers will receive 200 physical copies of the magazine and any additional copies will cost only the shipping and handling fee.
  • Purchasers will receive 5×7 promotional cards that have the magazine cover on one side and the table of contents on the other side that includes the page number and social media contact info of each purchaser featured in the magazine. A scan code is included that when scanned, leads to the digital version of the magazine.
  • One (1) commercial on Truth Muzic Radio
  • One (1) advertisement such as blog placement and other social media promotion
  • Mention of you or your product periodically during one of our Truth Muzic Radio live shows Sunday – Saturday
  • The magazine also includes a soundtrack. Artists can include one (1) song on the soundtrack. Business owners and other contributors can include one 15-30 second commercial or skit on the soundtrack. The soundtrack copies will be included with the physical copies and digital cards of the magazine given to each purchaser.

Page Reservation Pricing

Truth Muzic magazine is set to debut February 2023. This is not our first time creating, producing, designing nor distributing a nationwide magazine.  So now, as we start this new beginning for Truth Muzic, we welcome you to take part in this journey with us. We do it for the Kingdom!!!

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